Some of the things I’ve built Entrepreneurship Technical Co-Founder of an EdTech startup called Syllaby. We are a pre-launch marketplace platform for email courses built on WordPress and Amazon SES. (2020 – Now)   Creator & Host of a popular theme park podcast, FastPass to the Past: The Theme Park History Podcast, that has been recognized by USA Today and generated… Read More »Entrepreneurship

Crwl: A Bar Crawl Mobile App

I’ve always wanted to create a mobile app. However, I also always felt intimidated.  In May of 2020, I decided to finally take on the challenge as an opportunity to illustrate my technical knowledge, design workflow, iterative process, and data-driven product management skills. I designed and developed the application completely by myself with support from… Read More »Crwl: A Bar Crawl Mobile App

100 Days to Speak Tech

Over the course of 100 days, I learned everything I could about technology, computer science, and coding. I coded this website, a mobile app, took 5 online classes, completed two internships (BioTech + EduTech), and immersed myself in the Tech world.