Austin Carroll

Rising leader in growth + product marketing for Fintech startups, specializing in meaningful product launches, and known to write & podcast on occasion.

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Favorite launches. 🚀

Post-SVB Brex Marketing Pivot [2023]

Directed marketing response to SVB bank failure, including new business account messaging/positioning.

Refreshed Brex Startup Messaging [2023]

Introduced research-backed Startup segment messaging (the financial stack that scales with you) across all channels.

Brex Payables Launch [2023]

Drove the launch of Brex Payables for existing customers + integrated product into Startups sales motion.

Founder of L.A. Drunk History Tour [2018-19]

Generated a profit, hired team of 3, and ranked as a Top 3 L.A. Nightlife Experience in <6 months

Mercury IO Credit Card Launch [2022]

Spearheaded the GTM strategy and ongoing lifecycle marketing for Mercury’s first credit card, IO.

Capital One Travel on Mobile [2021]

Orchestrated 2 teams of engineers and an external partner to enable the mobile accessibility of Capital One Travel.

Honorable Mentions: Crwl: A Bar Crawl Mobile App (learn more), that time I worked with Barbie 💕 (seriously?

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Fastpass to the Past: The Jr. Historian’s Guide to Disneyland

[Published 2021]

Middle grade non-fiction book on the history of Disneyland.

author website | amazon

Fastpass to the Past Podcast 


Research podcast on the history and business of theme parks.

podcast website | apple podcast | spotify 

The Fintech Playbook Podcast 


Podcast featuring interviews and deep dives with top GTM executives in Fintech.

podcast website | apple podcast | spotify 

I’ve written extensively on startups, breaking into tech, and travel for publications like USA Today. Feel free to follow me on LinkedIn, Substack,Medium for more musings.

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