Austin Carroll

Senior product marketer & renaissance woman focused on Fintech startups, executing meaningful product launches, and has also been known to write on occasion.

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Favorite launches. 🚀

Capital One Venture X

Product Manager, Mobile App Experience [2021]

Mercury IO Credit Card

Product Marketing Manager & Lead, IO Launch [2022]

Post-SVB Marketing Pivot

Product Marketer, Brex business account [2023]

L.A. Drunk History Tour

Founder, Top 3 Nightlife Experience [2018-2019]

Brex Payables Launch

Startups & Existing Users Project Lead [2023]

New Startup Messaging

Product Marketer, Startup segment [2023]

Honorable Mentions: Crwl: A Bar Crawl Mobile App (learn more), that time I worked with Barbie 💕 (seriously?

Read (and listen) on. 📚

Fastpass to the Past: The Jr. Historian’s Guide to Disneyland [Published 2021] 

author website | amazon

Fastpass to the Past: The Theme Park History Podcast [2017-2021]

podcast website | apple podcast | spotify 


I’ve also written extensively on startups, breaking into tech, and travel for publications like USA Today and Forbes. Feel free to follow me on LinkedIn and and Medium for more musings. 

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