Featured Project

PharmaEssentia Advocacy Group Partnership Recommendation

In July of 2020, I conducted thorough competitive and industry research to identify and analyze potential disease advocacy group partners for PharmaEssentia in advance of their March 2021 U.S. drug launch. 

Over the course of my research, I identified 18 potential partners that aligned with PharmaEssentia’s business development needs and included information on key influencers, leadership, social followings, events, initiatives, and the current priorities. 

I presented a strategic analysis and partnership recommendation to the CEO and GM of the Americas, along with other senior stakeholders at the rapidly growing publically-traded pharmaceutical firm. My recommendation included ways PharmaEssentia could capitalize on missed opportunities and accelerate user awareness among MPN patients and physicians. 

Target Partners Identified
Featured Project

ApplicantLab MBA InteriewLab Product Launch

In 2018, ApplicantLab, a SaaS direct-to-consumer MBA admissions advice platform, did not hit revenue predictions for Quarter 4. I needed to quickly devise a way to capture incremental revenue at a low fixed cost. After conducting upgraded and free-trial user interviews, I synthesized market analysis into a new product recommendation for the CEO – MBA InterviewLab. 

The new product was a walled-off version of our existing core product, which mitigated our engineering cost while capturing users at later stages in the MBA Admissions process. 

In addition to driving the product development, I created the go-to-market strategy, including:

  • Creating the Product Roadmap for MBA InterviewLab
  • Devising User Personas + the Customer’s Journey
  • Crafting the Marketing Campaign and Messaging
  • Developing the Pricing Strategy
  • Engaging New Strategic Promotional Partners 

5 %
of Total Revenue in 2019
Featured Project

The Omni Los Angeles Hotel New Leisure Tourism Package with The Broad Museum

When I joined The Omni Los Angeles Hotel in 2016, our hotel room packages were underperforming. Although the hotel mostly served business travelers Monday- Friday, we needed a way to attract leisure tourists and Los Angeles visitors on weekends. 

After realizing this need, I proposed three new leisure tourism luxury hotel room packages that would capitalize on our location in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. 

I managed to facilitate and negotiate the first hotel partnership with The Broad Museum –  a newly-opened sold out art museum across the street. I also partnered with our Food & Beverage team to devise creative in-room amenities far beyond roses on the bed (pictured).

The three new packages generated $150,000 in just incremental revenue (amenities, F&B charges) in just 3 months. The packages were also featured on Omni Hotel’s homepage, email blasts, and blog. 

$ 100000
Incremental Revenue in 3 Months
Featured Project

The Music Center’s Perk Card, intended as an incentive for donors, had become an afterthought for users and partners with low utilization and conversion rates (only 5%). 

Using interviews with key donors, market research, and surveys, I was able to successfully pitch senior management a rebrand to an “Arts and Culture Card.”

I contracted new in-kind partnerships with 45 arts and culture partners including LACMA, The Getty, and the L.A. Zoo. The rebrand resulted in donors being 2x as likely to upgrade to $250 donation in 2018.

5 %
Conversion Rate
Featured Project

In October of 2017, I reached out to Mattel’s Business Development team to set up a meeting on how The Music Center and Barbie could collaborate. 

The result was a fruitful two-year partnership with the @BarbieStyle Instagram account (2.1 million followers) where Barbie traveled to The Music Center on multiple occasions.

The primarily digital campaign was constructed to fulfill the needs of both Mattel and The Music Center. It was key in successfully positioning The Music Center as an independent destination and a key player in the L.A. dance scene.

Social Media Engagements
Featured Project

Ten new hotel properties opened in Downtown Los Angeles between 2015 and 2019. How could our Express, Group, and Trial Sales teams compete with new inventory?

Using interviews with the Sales team, market research, and my design background, I was able to work with Corporate to create new Sales Kits that were customizable to the needs of each Sales manager. 

7 %
Increase in Inquiries
Strategic Partnerships
Years of Experience
New Products Introduced
Digital/Social Campaigns


Entrepreneurship Projects

  • Technical Co-Founder of an EdTech startup called Syllaby. We are a pre-launch marketplace platform for email courses built on WordPress and Amazon SES. (2020 – Now)  

  • Founder of a Speakeasy Tour Company in partnership with Airbnb Experiences; created a profit of $14,000, hired 3 PT staff members, and achieved a rating as Top 3 Nightlight Experience in Los Angeles within 6 months (2017 – 2019)

  • Built a Popular Media Site called The Hollywood Intern Diaries that had 1 million lifetime hits and assisted thousands of students in securing Entertainment internships. I managed a team of six writers and coded the site myself with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. (2012 – 2016)
Featured Project

In May 2020, I decided to finally take on the challenge of creating my own mobile app as an opportunity to illustrate my technical knowledge, design workflow, iterative process, and data-driven product management skills.

I designed and developed the mobile application. In June 2020, I launched the application in beta as a progressive web application (PWA). 

Featured Project

When I expanded my tour company and hired additional tour guides, I was faced with a problem. My tour had reached popularity with the name: “LA Speakeasy Bar Crawl with a Historian,” but my new guides weren’t historians!

I decided to conduct market research, surveys, and A/B tests to determine the new name. I also tested pricing and key photography with the same methodological approach.​

10 %
Booking Increase
Featured Project

In July 2020, I became the Technical Co-Founder of Syllaby, a first-of-it’s kind e-learning platform. Syllaby allows students and young professionals to level up their career with expert courses delivered via email.

I built the MVP (minimum viable product) to allow for a seamless discovery, payment, and enrollment process. Enrolled Students were added automatically to email drip campaigns to receive their course.​

Net Promoter Score