Some of the things I've built


  • Technical Co-Founder of an EdTech startup called Syllaby. We are a pre-launch marketplace platform for email courses built on WordPress and Amazon SES. (2020 – Now)  

  • Founder of a Speakeasy Tour Company in partnership with Airbnb Experiences; created a profit of $14,000, hired 3 PT staff members, and achieved a rating as Top 3 Nightlight Experience in Los Angeles within 6 months (2017 – 2019)

  • Built a Popular Media Site called The Hollywood Intern Diaries that had 1 million lifetime hits and assisted thousands of students in securing Entertainment internships. I managed a team of six writers and coded the site myself with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. (2012 – 2016)

In July 2020, I became the Technical Co-Founder of Syllaby, a first-of-it’s kind e-learning platform. Syllaby allows students and young professionals to level up their career with expert courses delivered via email.

I built the MVP (minimum viable product) to allow for a seamless discovery, payment, and enrollment process. Enrolled Students were added automatically to email drip campaigns to receive their course.​

Net Promoter Score

In May 2020, I decided to finally take on the challenge of creating my own mobile app as an opportunity to illustrate my technical knowledge, design workflow, iterative process, and data-driven product management skills.

I designed and developed the mobile application. In June 2020, I launched the application in beta as a progressive web application (PWA).